Like Wolves.
I promise I'm not quite as insane as I seem.

→ Dec 2011 He's getting a hooker.
Wally: Maybe I can finally get him laid. >:D
Me: LOL, he'd kill you the next morning if you did.
Wally: He'd thank me, I got some good sources!
Me: By "good sources", I really hope you don't mean hookers.
Wally: Nooo, I know classy women! I wouldn't choose them, but he can have his pick.
Me: By "classy women", I really hope you don't mean escorts.
→ Dec 2011

That moment when you’re just so in love that all you feel is pure happiness. ♥

→ Nov 2011
It’s funny how as soon as you leave that concert venue, everything falls apart.
→ Nov 2011
Everyone leaves. Alone is the only thing you’re going to be in the end.
→ Nov 2011
→ Nov 2011 I really love him. :3
Kevin: Hi, you are beautiful. :3
Me: If Kevin is with you, tell him he's cute too. :3
Kevin: He says you're beautiful too. :P
Me: Well, tell both you that I love you!
Kevin: What? No way! It's either him or me! Now who do you love!
Me: Oh no, not an ultimatum! I loooovveee... YOU!
Kevin: YES!! I knew it!! I love you too! Oh, and by the way, Kevin jumped out a window. ;/
→ Nov 2011
→ Nov 2011 Appropriate skirt for a 6-month anniversary? I think so. ;)Anyone have opinions?
→ Nov 2011

I am applying to Happy Dayze today! 
I’m just not going to mention to my parents that it’s half a sex/drug paraphernalia store and focus on the other awesome things they sell there. And the Halloween extravaganza they had! Love love love.